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    Tips for the Modern Age: Promoting Your Publication to Gain More Subscribers
    Whether you are starting a new publication or reviving an old one, the need for promotion is always there. Whether it’s a trade journal, literary magazine, or a professional publication, without proper promotion there won’t be any readers (and without any readers, there won’t be any publication).
    If you’re not sure as to the best ways to promote your publication, do not fret. Promoting a publication is actually much easier than promoting other types of things for a number of reasons, and if you do it successfully you’ll grow your readership substantially in no time. If you’re looking for ways to promote your publication in order to gain more readers or subscribers, check out these must have methods that are guaranteed to make you successful. Even though the times have changed and styles of publishing have adapted dramatically to the digital age, tried and tested methods for gaining exposure are still effective. In fact some of the techniques we pioneered 10 years ago are experiencing a rival right now!

    Free Issue
    Likely one of the most cost effective ways to gain some new readers and hopefully some new subscribers is by offering free issues of your publication. Whether you’re passing out your publication at industry tradeshows or offering a free issue to people who sign up for one on your website, getting a free issue out will let people see what kind of quality you’re offering in your publication, which will hopefully inspire them to subscribe.
    The cost of offering a free issue to potential subscribers is very minimal, especially if your circulation is already high. It should cost less than $1, even with postage, and if it results in another subscriber it will pay for itself over and over. Make sure you’re able to keep track of who you’re giving out free issues to, so you aren’t paying out of pocket for some people’s subscriptions.
    Promotional Materials
    Have you ever seen a commercial for a magazine or journal offering freebies with a paid subscription? This is one of the most common tactics to increase the number of subscribers for a publication, and it works. Depending on what kind of publication you run, you’ll want to offer promotional materials that relate to that publication. For example, if you publish a trade journal about coffee, offering potential subscribers a coffee mug as a bonus for subscribing will lead to more subscriptions.
    In bulk, promotional materials tend to be fairly cheap. The Mines Press allows for full customization of a variety of promotional materials, ranging from Frisbees to sunglasses. This can do wonders for your subscriber numbers, and also get your name out there to people who didn’t even know your publication existed.
    If you’re a relatively new or unknown publication, sponsoring different events can be a great way to become known. Sponsor trade shows to get your name out there, and sponsor smaller events like local sports teams and events.
    At these sponsorship events, you’ll want to make sure you’re passing out free copies of your latest issue along with the previously mentioned promotional materials. Make sure you have the ability to sign people up for subscriptions directly at the event, so you can take advantage of your presence. Applying for award shortlists to gain industry recognition is another great marketing device, and one we've used as a company to grow our network.
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