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1. Born without arms, Aaron Smith was determined to overcome barriers and apply his strong mind by using the physical capabilities he had to the fullest. Here he demonstrates his ability to type with a stick in his mouth. He more usually typed barefoot with his toes. He could also write with a pen held in his toes or mouth such that he had two different signatures.

2. Circa 1930: the print shop at 411 Rio Grande (now West Vickery) in what is now the 101 Building. Individuals are thought to be Mr. Lockett; Frank McLaughlin, who married Aaron’s sister Lois; Aaron’s nephews Pat and Tom Smith; Doug Perry; and Fletcher Reeder.

3. Circa 1945: The site of Branch-Smith (moved in early 1930s around the corner from Rio Grande to 120 St. Louis) with current building in the background.

4. Circa 1895: Aaron Smith began his career as publishers of Mt. Pleasant Times-Review, Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Persons standing are believed to be his brother Pat and sister Lois, whom he reared. He was the publisher of the Weatherford Democrat in the early 1900s before establishing Smith Printing Co. on the east side of Fort Worth’s courthouse square in 1910.


5. Branch-Smith purchased and remodeled the adjoining Dickson-Jenkins building in 1983 to create a state-of-the-art printing facility to house its operations.

6. Professional press operators follow documented procedures to ensure high quality products.

7. Prepress operations employ the latest technology and frequent training to bring customers the most effective solutions available.

8. Efficient folding operations lead to consistent results in binding processes.

9. Careful plate inspections allow us to maintain consistent on-time delivery in press and binding operations.

10. Complete in-line binding systems let us consistently meet deadlines for bound products by combining collating, binding, trimming and mailing into one operation.

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